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Web-based online casinos (also called virtual or Internet casinos) - are the web versions of traditional brick and mortar land-based casinos.
Online casinos
allow players to wager money over the Internet thus deposit and withdraw money
by using one of the payment methods or payment services that enable gambling payment.

Payment Methods

Most popular payment solutions are: Neteller, MoneyBookers, Paypal, Amex or Credit-Card deposit casinos.
There are a number of other intermediary providers that use some kind of e-wallet solution to bridge the gap.

Internet casino sites generally offer odds and payout structures similar to those at regular offline casino establishments.

Gambling software

Gambling units of such nature use gaming software - the major providors of slot games (as shown on 911 casino site) are
, Microgaming, NetEnt, Real Time Gaming (RTG), Topgame or Rival.

Virtual casinos use a programmed random number generator for online games as with one-armed bandit games or slots
as they are commonly referred to.The table games such as blackjack, poker or rummy are really popular all over the world.

Problem gambling

Gamblers flock the cyber gambling units to win some money - some of them may become addicted to games.
They should consult a specialist site that offer help those having serious gambling problems and cannot kick the habit.

Gaming legalities

There are markets that have become regulated like the UK and there are others where gambling is completely illegal.
In the US for instance it is not illegal to gamble online but payment processing with casinos is forbidden.
There countries like Hungary where gambling is regulated and licenses are to be paid paid by the operators.

Mobile gaming

Online casinos now focus on mobile platforms - iphone, android and tablet users are targeted as online traffic is now channeled to mobile devices.
There are issues however - most players will have to download an application and they cannot play slots in flash as this technology is no longer available for cellphones.
To play online for free visit and try free spins or bonus slots.

Land based casinos

Web-based casinos have taken over due to their nature - easy to reach and privacy. Big traditional casino rooms have chosen to close the door.
Atlantic City for one is such a place. Las Vegas is still surving thanks to its tourism afforts.

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